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U21 Health Sciences Doctoral Student Forum 2014

'Innovative Solutions to Research Challenges'


Fudan University Medical College was delighted to host the 2014 U21 Health Sciences Doctoral Student Forum on 22 and 23 September 2014. This was the second year that the forum was multidisciplinary after a successful event in Dublin in 2013. The forum focused on the theme of “Innovative Solutions to Research Challenges”.

See the Doctoral Student Forum agenda



15 students from 5 insitutions presented at the forum. Students came from a diverse range of health disciplines including nursing, medicine, public health, pharmacy and biomedicine.

Presentations were 10 minutes maximum, followed by 5 minutes for questions and 5 minutes for feedback. The students were asked to focus their presentations on the research challenges they faced and the innovative solutions in response to those challenges. The research challenges for which the students provided solutions included ethical issues associated with data collection, recruitment and sample size or data analysis issues associated with the use of a secondary data. For the first time this year, two international reviewers gave feedback to the students after their presentations and initiated questioning. As part of the forum, two master classes were also presented to participants: ‘Pearls and Pitfalls of undertaking a PhD’ by Dr Anthony Tuckett (UQ) and ‘Writing a scientific paper’ by Dr Yiwei Chu (Fudan University).