Monterrey 2010

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Vice-President of the School of Biotechnology and Health and Dean of Medicine, Dr. Martin Hernández from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, was proud to host the 10th annual U21 Health Sciences meeting during the week of September 27th to October 1st. Nearly 100 faculty and students from medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, and rehabilitation sciences from fifteen universities across the U21 network attended the meeting. The University of Connecticut and the University of Amsterdam, both newly integrated to Universitas 21, were represented in the meeting.

Major themes for the morning multidisciplinary sessions included faculty development, education of health professionals for the new century, quality healthcare and patient safety, globalization of medical education and situational leadership.

The various discipline groups convened separately over one afternoon. The discipline group meetings provided colleagues with an opportunity to explore specific issues and follow up on matters introduced during the multidisciplinary segment of the annual meeting. U21 Pharmacy did not attend the meeting in Monterrey.

Another afternoon was dedicated to a faculty development exercise in order to reflect on what should modern and future faculty education development look like and how will medical education change be created and evaluated.

Associated events included a workshop on the U21 United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN MDG) initiative and a nursing doctoral student forum.

Outcomes of the annual meeting and associated events include new initiatives and ongoing development of current projects.

The attendee list [PDF 28.1kB]

The following U21 universities were represented:

  • The University of Amsterdam
  • The University of Auckland
  • The University of Birmingham
  • The University of British Columbia
  • The University of Connecticut
  • University College Dublin
  • Hong Kong University
  • Korea University
  • Lund University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • The University of Nottingham
  • The University of Queensland
  • National University of Singapore
  • The University of Virginia (through videoconference)