Nottingham 2006 - Nursing doctoral student forum

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A three-day doctoral student forum was held at the University of Nottingham, in conjunction with the U21 Health Sciences group's annual meeting. Eighteen doctoral students from nine countries participated in the forum, and five U21 Schools of Nursing were represented. The event was designed to enable and facilitate international networking opportunities for participants, and the theme over the three days was 'Research and Research Careers: Developing Knowledge for Healthcare'. Major segments included master-classes with U21 Nursing Professors and Lead Researchers from the University of Nottingham and the wider U21 network; presentations and critiques of participating doctoral students' work; presentations by U21 Nursing Faculty; panel discussions; career development workshops, and the option to visit practice areas.


Programme for nursing group doctoral student forum [PDF 120 kB]

The report for the nursing group doctoral student forum [PDF 26.4 kB]