Hong Kong 2007 - Nursing doctoral student forum

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A second doctoral student forum was held at the University of Hong Kong prior to the annual meeting. In addition to local PhD students, participants came from Australia (Melbourne and Queensland), Singapore, the United Kingdom (Dublin and Nottingham), and Virginia. The overall theme of the forum was 'Towards Excellence in Research Career'. Day 1 of the forum comprised key presentations from leading researchers at the University of Hong Kong. Day two included a presentation on research, ethics and pitfalls for new researchers. Participants were given the opportunity to present their doctoral research under the major headings of research in an international context; research and policy; and ethics and research. Feedback at the conclusion of the forum and a subsequent formal evaluation of the event indicated that participants found the experience very worthwhile in terms of their research and contact with colleagues and senior Faculty from around the world. A third doctoral student forum will be held at the University of Virginia (UVa) in 2008 to coincide with the ninth annual meeting of the U21 Health Sciences group.

The U21 nursing doctoral student forum programme [PDF 37.7kB]

Research, ethics and pitfalls for new researchers (Prof Desley Hegley) [PDF 27kB]