Virginia 2008 - Nursing doctoral student forum

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A third nursing doctoral student forum was held prior to the annual meeting. In addition to local participants at the University of Virginia, doctoral students came from Australia, (Queensland), Singapore, the United Kingdom (Nottingham), and Hong Kong.

The forum comprised key presentations from a nurse and a physician researcher at the University of Virginia. Both presentations highlighted international interdisciplinary research collaboration. Participating doctoral students were given the opportunity to present on their research topics and to discuss their research, and to network with fellow doctoral students and nursing colleagues within an international context. Participants were also invited to meet with researchers in their areas of interest and to tour clinical facilities in Charlottesville. The results of an evaluation of the forum will be made available in the near future.

The U21 nursing doctoral student forum programme [PDF 12.6kB].

Interdisciplinary Community-Based Collaborative Research at UVA [PDF 3.22MB] (Rebecca Dillingham)

Creating New Possibilities for Health Improvement through collaborative Scholarship [PDF 143kB] (Sarah Farrell)

The participant and topic list [PDF 12.4kB]

The participants' abstracts [PDF 50kB]

Available student presentations:

Assessment and Management of Birthing Needs of Singapore Women [PDF 66.9kB] (Eliana Nasar)

Case Study Research into an Integrated Care Pathway in UK Mental Health Care [PDF 336kB] (Julie Hall)