Auckland 2012 - Nursing Doctoral Student Forum

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A sixth nursing doctoral student forum was held prior to the annual meeting. Twelve nursing doctoral students attended the forum from the University of Hong Kong (4), The University of Auckland (3), the University of Queensland (2), the University of British Columbia (2) and Korea University (1). The students were given 25 minutes each (including questions and answers) to present their research and discuss their work with fellow doctoral students and U21 nursing colleagues. This year, the presentations included:

  • Is the Self-Efficacy Measures for Sleep Apnea a reliable and valid measurement tool for Chinese population?
  • The impact of a nurse-led collaborative care model of chronic disease management
  • The Effectiveness of Postnatal Support Interventions to Improve Breastfeeding Rates
  • “Becoming parents” – providing social support to new parents
  • Promoting family communication through the Happy Family Kitchen Project: Preliminary Findings of a Qualitative Study
  • Living with Night-time CPAP: A journey into grounded theory research – Masters to PhD
  • Contemplating consent: A comparative study of the experiences of people with dual disability, carers, and mental health nurses
  • Development and Evaluation of Web-based Self-Management Program for Young Adult with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Virtue Theoretical Perspectives on Ethics and Epistemology in Critical Social Justice Scholarship in Nursing
  • Exploring the relationships between patient factors and hospital system factors associated with the trajectory of chronic pain development after orthopaedic injuries
  • Nasal high flow oxygen therapy after cardiac surgery
  • Professional competence: The nurse’s role in the surgical team using a ‘human factors’ approach


The one and a half day forum also comprised lectures on “Managing supervision” presented by Professor Fiona Bogossian from the University of Queensland, and on “Being a Post-doc" presented by Professor Elizabeth Saewyc from the University of British Columbia. As host of the meeting, colleagues from the University of Auckland led a session on "Publishing in Nursing" and gave an overview of research in their university.


 The U21 nursing doctoral student forum agenda  [PDF 119kB]

Available presentations:
Managing Supervision [PDF 925kB] (Fiona Bogossian, UQ)
Report from the 2012 Nursing Doctoral Student Forum [PDF 798kB] (Fiona Bogossian, UQ)