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The U21 Social Media for education in health Workshop took place on 23 September 2014. Around 30 participants attended the event with a representation from 12 U21 institutions (University of British Columbia, University College Dublin, University of Melbourne, Fudan University, The University of Hong Kong, University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham, Tec de Monterrey, University of Queensland, University of Johannesburg, Lund University and The University of Auckland).

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The workshop was led by Dr Kendall Ho (UBC) and Dr Jason Last (UCD), co-chairs of the U21 SoMe project steering committee. The U21 SoMe project was initiated after the U21 HSG annual meeting at UCD in September 2013 with the aim to identify and recommend strategies to integrate and harmonise social media into the full spectrum of health professional education by looking at current best practices in education, existing educational policies, and literature. A steering committee formed by one academic and one student from eight U21 institutions was formed in October 2013 and meets monthly by teleconference to  make progress on this project.

During the workshop, the co-chairs presented the outputs of the project so far including presentations at conferences, the draft framework document Towards a Social Media in Health Professional Education’ including recommendations for educational practice and policy development, two draft publications and an online survey which findings will be analyzed as part of the second phase of the project. The students involved in the steering committee were given an opportunity to present on the findings of the literature review and participated actively in the discussion with the audience on the recommendations they had drafted for the framework document. The group also discussed its direction for 2014-2015 and agreed on a number of actions such as involving more U21 institutions in the projects, run a U21 SoMe forum in 2015 and create an online repository of good practices and examples of social media use for education in health.

The U21 SoMe group was also pleased to run a 1.5 hours joint session with the Fudan University Health Communication Institute and share perspectives about their respective work in the area of social media in health education.

Learn more about the U21 Social Media for Education in Health project at www.u21health.org/SoMe_education_health.